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JDN MilanoSalone 2010
坂井さんの作品(Petal Chair)の記事が掲載されています。
JDN Exhibitor


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Masaru Ito

Ashura Lamp (Cealing Light)

Ashura Lamp (Wall Light)

There were a number of mannequins carelessly chunked in a garden of some mannequin maker company. They ended their original function as mannequins. So there was no need to use them any more.

The arm parts of those mannequins reminded me Buddism god of war,'Ashura'. 'Ashura' has six arms and three interchageable faces. He inspired me to design two new pieces of lighting furniture, recycling them.

This ancient god met a modern lighting project and eco concept.
Now the have turned to be completely defferent and got reborn with a lighting function.

Takayuki Mitsuhashi

Revolving Lamp-F
Three adjustable revolving pipes shade and diffuse the light.

Revolving Lamp-C

Butcher Lamp
The lighting hangs inside a transparent acrylic plastic box where the lighting resembles a piece of meat and the electric wires resemble blood vessels.

Pumpkin Lamp
Using wire rope, the lamp is shaped like a pumpkin.

Yoshiyuki Morii

LED Pendant light
Supported by MAXRAY co.,ltd

KING GIDORA-1 Stand light
KING GIDORA-3 Stand light

Supported by HIROSHI KITAO

conert -new age music

Concert: Michele Monistiroli (new age music)


Tomoko Hayakawa


water lily



White ceramic is one of the most appropriate materials to express the drift of light in the air. Depending on the material, particles of light show various condetions: dry, moist, glossy, sometimes powdery... The light brings out its identity when it marries each form. I create this form by capturing the light that flow on the surface of a form, and this is the dialogue between lights and the creator through sculptures. The most exciting moment is created when I give form to a particle of light in the air. I form it by fingering the light instead of looking at the form itself in the developing process. The forms are entrusted with realizing themselves through the eyes and brain in my hands. In this process of modification, the form is refined as my hands feel the particle of light and the air going arount it. Only shadow can be added by nothing else.

Hiroyuki Yatabori

The table top's mosaic is made with natural unstained wood using the technique of wood joining calld Yatoizane. Special attention is paid to position the marquetry (wooden mosaik work) on the table legs and mirror. For example, the marquetry pattern are located only where they reflect in the mirror.

Chair (Cajon)

Inspired by the Cajon, a South American percussion instrument, this wooden box is both an instrument and a chair.

Akihiro Yazawa

Pimps & Charlie (Chair)
This is the rocking chair of the future.